Thursday, January 1, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's 2009! Wah Hoo! haha.

This last Christmas season has been a great one! The first major event was my annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! haha, it was a great one. I had a total of 28 people there, compared to the lonely 4 people last year. I was very proud, hopefully next year there will be an even bigger turnout!

The Next major event was Christmas Eve. But it didn't start getting good till after I got off work, because this idiot came into my work and started yelling at me because I couldn't dryclean his ski suit. Honestly, you would think people would have something better to do on Christmas Eve then come to the dry cleaners, but no folks, you would be very surprised how many people come to the drycleaners on Christmas Eve. But, the good thing was that we closed at 4. So after work, I went home, and my uncle Brad, and aunt Misty came over with all my cousins, along with Grandma Kathy and Mitt. We all ate dinner and shared presents. It was great! Next I watched The Christmas Story twice, and went to bed.
Christmas Day started with my dad waking me up, because my sister and brother-in-law were coming up from provo that morning. We all opened presents (I was so lucky, I must've been a good girl this year, because I got so much good stuff!) and then went on a scavenger hunt to find Cameron, Courtney, and Mckay's hdtv's. This Christmas rocked! We then stayed home for the rest of the day and had fun celebrating Christmas at home.

On Saturday, Fuji, Lebaron, and I went sledding! We all went to Mueller juinor high, and sled down that huge steep hill. It was so scary, emily (Lebaron) and I banged heads twice cause we all went down in one three man sled! hahaha, I'll have to get some pictures from Fuji.

The Next major event was New Years eve! Fuji had a big party that I went to, I had SO MUCH FUN! I played a few rounds of Guitar Hero: World tour, and played the High School Musical Karaoke...hahaha it was hilarious! There was also fondue, and lots of good food. Lebaron and I were in a dancing mood, so Matt came with us and we went to Island View Park and had a dance party in the icy parking lot. It was a party definately!