Saturday, June 27, 2009

woah, it's been a while...

Hello! I haven't written since january, this is bad! It's now summer, and a few things have
happened since i last wrote. Last week Melanie and Andrew got married, which was lots of fun!
Melanie looked beautiful as usual, and the reception was pretty hilarious with all the crazy
weather C-ville has been having lately.

I also went to EFY which was a blast!! I love EFY, except the "no touching" rule. That sucked,
I'm not gonna lie. There was no hugging, high fives, escorting, or shaking hands. LAME! That
usually how i make all my friends from when i get asked to be escorted. Oh well, it still was a
good experience. I also made the variety show, in which i sang "Don't stop believen'" By Journey.
Haha, that was hilarious. :D

I recently made the Allyse's Bridal Fashion Team. I represent Viewmont. So if you ever need
coupon for a dress call me, and i will get you one!!

I also have a voice recital coming up pretty soon! It's going to be with a live jazz band, so if you
wanna come please do!! It'll be tons of fun, i am very excited.

***I posted videos on youtube "Air Conditioner" "Ah! Non Lo Dir"
to find them type in : Caitlin Air Conditioner, or Caitlin Ah! Non Lo Dir.