Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's the Christmas Season!

Hello Folks!

It's December, and my life is officially over till the 18th. :) I'm involved in a lot of fun stuff this season such as: Madrigal performances every day/night, and Guadalupe!

Our Madrigal show is improving little by little. Which is a good thing, because we aren't doing so hot yet. haha. Last night we went to Parklane Living in Salt Lake, and the audience was so funny. This old lady who was about 4'11", wearing a purple velour track suit, and gold chains came up to me and said,

The Madrigals at Parklane with the "purple velour tracksuit lady"

"That was wonderful, just wonderful! I didn't know what it was all about, but it was wonderful! I love your dresses, they are so attractive."

She was a kick in the pants. I loved it. Today during 3rd period we went to the home of the Reading Wranglers! It was so fun to perform for all the little kids, and see some of my old teachers. That place looks so much smaller than it used to.

Guadalupe is Viewmont's charity during the Christmas season. We provide Christmas for an underpriviledged school in Salt Lake called Guadalupe. I'm on my way to raising my 100 dollars so I can take Christmas to one of the kids. I'm so excited! :) Last year we not only provided Christmas for the children, but also paid for a heart transplant for a newborn baby. So your money isn't wasted. Every penny counts!

That pretty much sums up my life. I'll leave you with a song, that I just love...It's just a great way to start your christmas season.

WARNING: The singer is horendously tone deaf. hahaha :)