Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I Love

  • the Book of Mormon
  • my fantastic family
  • my red hair
  • freakin' amazing friends
  • boys
  • cuddly cats
  • mighty missionaries
  • water
  • my savior
  • reading
  • music
  • meeting new people
  • the one, the only, ingrid michaelson
  • the piano
  • socks
  • my warm bed
  • my phone
  • sassy red lipstick
  • delicious almond roca bars...hmmm!!!! :P
  • the color yellow
  • lilies of the valleys
  • Oregon
  • rain
  • fresh baked rolls
  • sleep
  • hugs
  • smiles
  • laughter
  • whispers (emily this one is just for you...hahaha cause I'm totally kidding!)
  • climbing trees
  • dynamic dancing
  • cute little kids
  • the beach
  • singing
  • star gazing
  • yoga/pilates/running (I'll just keep on telling myself)
  • making others happy
  • good grades
  • math (weird I know...but I really like it, if I can understand it.)
  • fall colored leaves
  • mr. darcy a.k.a pride and prejudice
  • hats
  • cute shoes
  • genuinely nice, good-hearted people

Friday, January 1, 2010

saying hello to 2010

I'm looking forward to a lot of great things this year, like: graduating, college, attempting to get into the USU opera program, CATS, my trip to New York, and many others! But here's a few of my New Years resolutions.

Pass AP Calc and Eng tests

Learn to cook good
Yoga, and Running

And lots of others. I hope you all had a Happy New Year! :)

My Month of December

Lindsey, me, and Debbie so excited to go!!

Hello folks!

I went to Guadalupe on the 18th and brought Christmas to my friend Alyssa. She was so excited and grateful.

Alyssa and I singing Christmas songs.

It was definitely worth harassing all my friends for change during countless lunch periods. :) So I thank you! We opened her presents that I shopped for and wrapped on my very own; it was a delight to see the look on her face when she opened her needed clothes/coat. After all the kids opened their presents we went into the big room and sang christmas songs. It was definitely one of the highlights of my senior year so far.

It was amazing to share the Christmas spirit with someone I had never met before. Guadalupe was a fantastic experience, and if I wasn't a graduating senior I would most definitely do it again.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a hit. I want to thank all of my wonderful guests for humoring me in your attendance. I had a smash hit idea to take an awkward fireplace photo with each of my guests, and here they are in all of their awkward glory. Enjoy.

The Madrigal Christmas Season

It was busy, exhausting, hilarious, fun, crazy, and hysterical. But I loved it. The Madrigal Christmas season is over, and I feel like I have so much time on my hands that I don't know what to do with myself. It's strange. But here are some pictures from our last performance. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Dad, Grandpa Glen, Grandma Nene, Mel, and Andrew

On Christmas we had dinner with Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Mitt, The Cornilles's, Grandma Nene, and Grandpa Glen. Mel and Andrew flew in around 4:00, so I was SO excited to have my whole family home (cause I get pretty lonely being her with only Cameron). My mom made a fantastic prime rib; hopefully I can be as good of a cook as her one day.

Cam looks happy to be here
Cute little Parker
Uncle Brad
Mckenna and Nikki
Aunt Misty and Grandma Kathy

As a tradition, the Craig side of the family gathers every christmas time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This year we had tacos! Hmm... :) All of the grandkids received vintage cask iron banks; I got the kitty one, and it is so cute! Aunt Marianne recently started making cashmere flower clips/pins, (which are absolutely adorable) so Courtney decided to cover Ethan's fro in them. It was great fun.
Grandma, cousins, and sisters
All the Grandkids
court face and I
Ethan's flower-power-fro