Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mom Jeans hits 10,000 views on youtube

I thought I'd just write a bit about this accomplishment. 

Our (Cami, Emily Andrews, Sam, and I) remake video of the hit SNL "Mom Jeans" spoof has hit over 10,000 views on youtube.  It was originally made for the SNL themed homecoming assembly.  We did make a Mom Jeans service club at Viewmont, but we were denied (Which we found out after making our club t-shirts, i might add).  But I just want to take a moment and commemorate this accomplishment of hilariousness. 

Who knows?  This could be my 15 minutes of fame.  


Rachel's married!!

On March 6, I got the wonderful priviledge of doing Rachel's hair and makeup for her wedding.  (I know Melanie is  laughing at me right now)  I'm NO makeup artist, or beautician, but I thought it turned out pretty good, considering that I made the hair up on the spot.  But it isn't hard to make Rachel look pretty, she's a natural beauty!  So, maybe I'm not all that talented.  

I'll let you decide...





Now that "CATS" is over, I actually have a life...kinda... 

It was definitely a memorable experience.  What did I gain from being in "CATS" you may ask?  I collected multiple colorful bruises, friends, and zits from my cakey makeup.  Ha, okay, so I will admit I had a lot of fun too.  I mean, how often do you get to play a cat?  But besides the fact, here are some pictures from the production: 

Note: If you missed the show, I uploaded a 18 second clip of me singing on youtube.  Sorry I don't have a longer clip! The last picture makes me grin, I hope you like it! ;)  Here is the website for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp5v04AyW_A