Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm a college student.

So this is kinda weird.

I'm a college student.

But for some reason I feel like I'm just staying at this extended efy session.  I know that sounds ridiculous but that's how I feel.  Not that I don't love it.  The only thing I hate is buying my own food...ugh...why is it so expensive to feed yourself?  I just don't understand.

My bike and I have become great friends, and the blisters on my feet from walking are grateful for this new found friendship.  

Can I just say that Snow #102 is the greatest.  Really.  

Classes haven't been too hard yet.  All my music classes so far are covering stuff I already know (I am so grateful that I took that online class over the summer; it was a blessing).  But I'm positive they'll get tricky fast!  So until then I'll be enjoying the tiny social life I have. haha :)

Some things that have saved my butt since I've been at college are:

  • ear plugs
  • my bike
  • my new cellular device
  • the george foreman
  • frozen chicken breasts
  • p.b. & j.
  • my water bottle
  • my roomates
  • sleep
Yep, I'm extremely grateful for all of these.  I've truly been blessed.

We went to an 80s dance on friday night; it was the greatest.  I don't even know why I went to high school dances-they were so lame!  I was rocking mom jeans.  Yes, I know, it was genius.  

Note: if you ever go to a crazy dance party, there will most likely be gross boys trying to grind with you...but not if you're wearing mom jeans!  They'll stay far away.  I'm glad I've figured out this trick.  It's quite comforting.

Well, here are a few pictures to sum up my first 2 weeks of college:  

first day of singles ward

first day of school

the craziness of snow 102

Snow #102 family photo
(Bailey Rae, Melanie, Paula, Alex, Megan, and I)

Bailey Rae and I (room roomates)

a pola taken by the one and only courtney kearns.

It's fun in Logan.  Fo sho.