Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My dear acquaintance,

Happy New Year!

So, it's a little late, but I figured better late than never, right?

So many great things have happened since my last post.  It's amazing how much can happen in just three short weeks.  For serious.

1. I grew a temporary mustache...Okay, more like Nate and I fashioned them out of brown colored felt.  A girl can always dream, I guess.

2. I saw tangled 3 times.  What?  I like it.  The score is great!  Go, Mandy Moore!

3. Lastly, BOY am I ready to return to Logan!  I am getting sick of this stay up till 2 a.m. crap.  It's so bad for me.  I'm pining for some structure again.  And honestly, I need school.  I can't do this lazy thing anymore!

Love you guys.  

I promise I'll be a better blogger.

Till we meet again,