Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's time for change.

I don't really ever post about fitness, cause let's be real, I'm not a ton interested in the subject.

But recently I've been feeling like I want to go for a run.  Weird, I know.  I've always hated running. Asthma and running don't exactly compliment eachother. But, I'm determined.  It's time for a lifestyle change.

My dear friend Janie has recently changed her view on running and excercise.  It has really inspired me, and quite frankly I am so proud of her.  She is such an example to me. 

Check out her blog here.  I'm positive that you'll find her quite inspiring and hilarious. 

I think I could manage that. 

Friday, June 22, 2012


A few weekends ago I decided to hop on a train and travel to Berlin for a few days all by myself.
It was an amazing experience.

some of the Berlin skyline including the Berlin Philharmonic and Sony Center
Brandenburg Gate..I look like such a tourist...
Can you find me?
Checkpoint Charlie
Government building

The Deutsche Oper Berlin.  Where I saw a fantstic production of The Magic Flute.

Overall, I enjoyed my little trip.
And I'm looking forward to some upcoming trips as well, I'll keep you updated.

but for now,

Gute Nacht!

It's official...

I'm legal!

That is, that I finally got my visa sorted out.  HOORAY!

It's kind of weird being in a foreigners office; never thought I'd ever find myself in such a place.  But the deed is done.

In other good news: I was featured on The Anna James's blog
I cannot tell you how cool this is. 
Like, for reals.  Anna is probably the coolest person I know. Not only is she cool but she is beautiful and SUPER talented.  I secretly wish I was her everyday, and I'm not kidding.

Experience some of her coolness yourself by checking out her amazing photography/personal blog! 
Thank you Anna! :)

Last of all, here's some pictures from the tower and old city wall (circa 1500) in Witzenhausen. 

 It's so beautiful here!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

To quote a certain Mr. Darcy,

"I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman(man) can bestow." 

And not only are those eyes fine, but they are also kind. 
Almost burning with sincereity. 
They have a certain depth that I cannot explain.
Pulling you in layer by layer.

They are, indeed, a pair of fine eyes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Gänseliesel, Göttingen, and some German chocolate...

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful city of Göttingen. 
Göttingen is the city that I travel by train everyday to attend my Deutsch course.  It's a city full of students, due to it's large University (the oldest University in all Germany).  And yet, I haven't met one of them...that would require me to actually speak to people. 
Here are some pictures from last thursday when I spent my day off wandering this historic city:

The Gänseliesel or "Goose Girl"
 Probably the most famous thing in Göttingen is it's Goose girl fountain in the middle of the Marktplatz.  It's also my favorite thing about Göttingen.  Graduates receiving their doctorate every year kiss the cheek of the goose girl.  It's kind of like the throwing of the hat ceremony. 

Cronz & Lanz my favorite restaurant/sweetshop/bakery.
 On Thursday I spent some time in my favorite restaurant/sweet shop/bakery.  I had delicious tomato soup with a roll, and some strawberry/rhubarb cake.  It was to die for.  I'm not quite sure what it is we call chocolate in the U.S. but it's seriously crap compared to german chocolate.  This is probably the reason I'm going to be coming home chubby.
The Marktplatz
 On Thursday I spent some time wandering through cute shops, and I stumbled across a music shop.  As I made my way to the back I found boxes of vintage scores.  It made me burst into tears.  So much history and life was in those scores including detailed notes.  It made my heart sing.  I scored a Shubert Lieder book for a dang good price.  (no pun intended)

The Rest of the day I spent on a bench reading my Hunger Games book...I'm a freak, I know.  I just finished the second book so I was feverishly reading it.  And plus the weather was so nice, and mild It was wonderful...until it started to pour.  Of course I wasn't prepared for this rain storm, so I decided to brave it out and I actually had a lot of fun.  It brought a huge smile to my face thinking that one day I'll get to tell my grandkids about this experience. 
It was a well spent day!