Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some jackass stole my backpack and lap top out of my car trunk:

In other words, I've seen better days...

I came home this past week to celebrate my big younger brother's 17th birthday.  Happy Birthday Cameroni, I love you to the moon and back.  

Besides still searching for a job, and trying to scrape up money for a new lap top, I was able to attend the Joshua Radin concert on this past friday.  I sat front row and basked in that little beauty of a concert.  It was pretty spectacular.  And I wanna say that when he stared into my eyes, it was almost worth getting robbed.  Almost.  However, I did have a brain melt whenever his eyes met mine...J-rad, you make my dreams come true.

I also had a nice little Mother's Day spent with my mom and both grandmas.  I'm sure grateful for her, and all she does for me.  Love you, Mom, thank you for birthing me, and being my number one fan.  For all you mothers out there, watch and enjoy:

Even though I've had a grand series of unfortunate events, I'm trying to stay hopeful and grateful.  Just when you think you're at your limit, God throws you another curveball, just to prove that you are, indeed, stronger.  I just need to remember that.      

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Paige Andy said...

STOPPP you went to Joshua Radin? Crying with jealousy right now.